We make sustainability work

DWA feels responsible for the world around us. Our consultants continue to devise smart, sustainable solutions for the buildings and areas of tomorrow.

Strategic issues are part of our daily routine. We uncouple entire housing estates from the gas distribution network, we design energy-efficient, comfortable offices in which people are more productive, and we reduce CO2 emissions. Our engineers make the Netherlands sustainable. We don’t waste time talking, we get on with it. Take a look at our projects.

Buildings hold no secrets for us

We leave nothing to chance; we base our decisive strategies on valuable data extracted from buildings with the latest technologies. We analyse how a building functions, and particularly how we can make it more energy efficient, more comfortable and smarter.

We make complicated things uncomplicated. Using various computer models, we show clients what is feasible – which is often more than you think. Predicting the energy behaviour for different situations? Buildings hold no secrets for us.

Involved from A to Z

DWA is a company based in the Netherlands that provides consultancy and engineering services. Our service is not confined to providing smart advice. We like to count on conclusive business cases. We never see our contribution separately from the bigger picture. A good operating result is equally important to us as initial costs. And we go to great lengths to achieve this, by participating in risk-bearing projects, for example.

And the construction? We supervise everything from start to completion. We remain involved even after the implementation phase. By staying on top of management and maintenance, we can immediately make any adjustments required for optimal results. Using advanced monitoring tools, we can demonstrate whether the desired performance will actually be achieved.

DWA is involved from A to Z.

Strategic partner

Clients with ambition make our heart beat faster. Joining forces to make room for innovation. This also means trying out new ideas: we experiment together, push boundaries and look for new approaches. No wonder governments, businesses and social organisations like having DWA as their strategic partner.