We make sustainability work

DWA is committed to improving the quality of the living environment and reducing energy consumption. The term ‘stewardship’ is the basis for our moral compass, the ‘core value’ of our organisation.

The mission of DWA is: We make sustainability work.

We not only talk about sustainability voluntarily, we ensure that demonstrably sustainable solutions are achieved in the field of energy efficiency and environmental care. This is not just a promise, it’s a challenge. When we say we make sustainability ‘work’, we mean that we are committed to a dynamic approach to sustainability issues, monitoring developments 24/7 with firm results.


DWA aims to achieve sustainable energy in the built environment. We make sustainability measurable and controllable. We ensure actual implementation: technically, organisationally and politically.

We have chosen the following strategic lines for our development:

  1. Guarantee performance
    The market goes from effort to performance. We want to work more on the basis of result commitments.
  2. Innovative application of ICT
    The application of ICT affects all aspects of our lives. We are going to accelerate this point in order to take the lead. For example, we use and develop simulation tools and artificial intelligence to design, manage and monitor innovatively.
  3. Social innovation
    We want to grow within the rules of the game from a networked organisation to a client-driven organisation. We work in teams that are created around knowledge fields, specific issues or projects: independently, building on each other’s strengths and committed to the goal.