A sustainable, comfortable, healthy and safe building starts with a good design and the right building layout, materials and construction. But also with well functioning and smart building services. An integrated approach is crucial for an optimal building concept. That means that all design disciplines are laid out on the table and, as a team, we look for the design that meets all the client’s requirements and user needs. It is important to have an open atmosphere and considerable faith in each other’s expertise.

A building must generate added value for the user and the environment, now and in the future. Besides sustainability, two key words play a crucial role in our design philosophy: flexibility and certainty.

DWA’s broad basis guarantees the integration of all aspects of our working area: climate control, building physics, energy concepts, sanitary and lighting technology, ICT and data networks, fire safety, security and transport technology. A healthy building not only has a positive effect on the health of the users, they also feel happier and perform better. To make the health of a building measurable, we work with WELL, GPR, BREEAM and LEED.

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