Performance monitoring reveals whether you are getting value for your (maintenance) money

Buildings are becoming smarter. They are being equipped with more and more sensors. The large amount of data from buildings and our expertise form the ingredients for a building to perform optimally. This means that maximum comfort can be achieved with minimum energy consumption and a long service life.

To achieve the above, we use a platform to use data from the building and convert it into information about your building’s performance.

Identifying optimisation possibilities

We monitor your building using advanced data analyses and provide periodical reports on the performance. This is made visible in graphical overviews. A web environment enables you to immediately follow the performance, which is continuously updated. We see where things go wrong and identify options to further improve the indoor climate, make the building more energy efficient or extend the lifetime of the building services.


We translate the monitoring results into any adjustments required to the building services or control technology. We then supervise the implementation, so that the intended performance improvements are actually achieved.

Depending on the need, we focus on important themes such as:

– energy consumption and efficiency

– managing operational costs

– technical operation of the building services

– user comfort

– monitoring of contract agreements (performance indicators)